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Drawing from years of experience, Ealing legal Consultancy & Advocacy is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing commercially focused legal and business advice of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations. We are proud of our company and value the diversity of people and cultures within it. We make our clients and their interests our priority and provide them with first class consultation. We focus on not just the legal aspect of things, but work closely with business counselors, architects and as well as solicitors/barristers. Therefore, whether you are an individual going through a legal battle or a current/prospect business owner, you will receive the best advice on project structuring and procurement to attract best bids, achieve value for money, and ensure your project is delivered on time.  Should relationships with your customers, suppliers or business partners not go as well as planned, our expert consultants are on hand to help you resolve matters and protect your business interests – through mediation, arbitration and the courts.

Ealing Legal Consultancy & Advocacy can offer friendly and easy to understand advice so that you can ensure your wishes are carried out. We can offer expert advice in preparing a Will. A Will is a legal document that should state what you wish to happen to your money and your minor children when you die.  English law allows you complete freedom to give what you have to whoever you want , so long as you are of sound mind when you make your will and you execute it (sign it in front of two independent witnesses) in the correct manner.  It is possible for some categories of people to challenge a Will that disinherits them, but that does not mean that they will necessarily get anything at all, save perhaps a hefty legal bill.


How we can help:

  • Consider if you need a Will at all
  • Take instructions on what you want your Will to do and then examine in detail whether what you want is possible, practical, the likely consequences and alternative solutions
  • Draw up your Will putting into effect your particular wishes after taking into account the above
  • Discuss and test your capacity to make a Will
  • Advise on possible claims and challenges to the Will
  • Advise on the selection of executors, trustees and guardians for minor children
  • Agree to be appointed as your executors
  • Advise you on the current inheritance Tax liability
  • Suggest ways that you can reduce or avoid this liability and the possible benefits and disadvantages of each method
  • Advise on trusts in the Will for spouses, minor children, adult children under and over 25, persons under a disability and tax efficient trusts
  • Help to locate a missing Will, or take the necessary steps to prove that all reasonable efforts have been made to locate the Will.
  • Determining who are the appropriate persons to be appointed as the Administrators if there is no Will.


Ealing Legal is here to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you, providing honest and fair advice.

Range of Services

  • Business Affairs
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Wills & Probate
  • Commercial Property
  • Immigration & Nationality