Kandoo Restaurant

When people try Persian cuisine for the first time, they are invariably hooked, delighting in it's deliciousness and delicate flavours of saffron, dried lime, turmeric and rosewater. Many of our original visitors are still customers today from when we first opened 15 years ago. We think this is down to the great food and great service we strive to provide; our homemade naturally leavened naan bread, baked before you is a local legend, as are many of our menu items, from the juicy chicken kebabs to the deliciously herby stew of Gormeh Sabzi. We have never strayed far from our original aim of offering high quality and delicious Persian dishes: we use the finest, freshest and natural ingredients available to create a healthy and delicious feast of the Middle East. We welcome you to come and join us.

At Kandoo we believe in providing delicious food: our loyal band of customers would attest to that. Once people come to Kandoo, they come again and again, something for which we are very grateful. Persian food is highly varied and it is revered throughout the Middle East; it has influenced the cuisines of many near neighbours such as Turkey and India and also as far West as Morocco. We have sought to recreate the delicious food found in Iran with great care, using the finest Persian saffron and turmeric, used in many of the country’s many dishes as well as flavours such as cinnamon and dried lime. Fruits like cherries and pomegranates and fresh green herbs like parsley, coriander and fenugreek are a vital beating heart of the cuisine.

Today more than ever, people are conscious about diet and health, about how food is made and where it comes from. This thinking forms a very long tradition from ancient Persia to the present day and informs how we prepare our food. We prefer the natural over the artificial: our famous naturally leavened naan bread is made freshly on the premises each day; our home made yoghurt marinates meat and is used for the wonderfully refreshing drink: doogh; we use fine quality oils for cooking and use them sparingly. The spices used in Persian food are there to support health as any Iranian will tell you.

Come and experience the jewel in the crown of Middle Eastern cuisine at Kandoo, the finest Persian food in London.